About Us

We started "Nomaadi" - the name originating from the word "Nomad", and we move from place to place gathering the different techniques from the artisans across India that have been passed on to them from generation to generation. We create handcrafted goods that become a part of your everyday essentials. We are a women run family business with a small team of craftswomen whose dedication and craftsmanship brings beauty to each of our products.

Most of these craftswomen depend on their skills to earn livelihood for their families.
Each product from our shop that you buy goes into providing education, medicines, living facilities and basic needs to the women and their families.

Our CUSHION DESIGNS are made from different techniques of applique, embroidery, and pit loom weaving and we use sustainably sourced cotton and other materials for our home decor products.

We branched out to make LEATHER ACCESSORIES with our experience of making and exporting them before the pandemic. We started out in 2020 with our online business and the Boho Cushions was our first collection. We then decided to showcase our talent and experience of 20 years with leather products and we adopted artisans to make our products.
All our hides are made from full grain vegetable tanned leather that is selected by our skilled artisans to create a high quality product that is durable and beautifies as it matures.

We express our gratitude for helping us grow and provide a better livelihood for the WOMEN ARTISANS and their families.